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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Finally Finishing the Kitchen!

The Floor… After the granite countertops were finished we decided the old vinyl floor needed to go and we would put in some 16x16 ceramic tile.  The kitchen and laundry room all run together and must have all the same floor.  It was a big job and we wanted it to be right so we hired a local builder to come in and do it for us.  He was awesome and tried not to inconvenience us too much but the first picture shows our refrigerator and bakers rack in our sitting room.  Lucky for us we have a basement and we were able to store all the appliances and other furniture there during the reno. Just know that anytime you do house renovations you will have inconvenience.

As you can see my refrigerator was doubling as my filing system.

I did not have any really clear pictures of the floor pre-tiled so here are a couple of shots that I could find. This is me on the first day of school.  Ignore me…Look at the floor. HA! This is also pre-granite.

This picture was taken the day the granite went in and we are doing some cleaning up. This shows the floor as vinyl.

TADA. Tile is going down.

These two pictures are during the construction phase. 
Laying the tile and before grout was applied. 

 These are the final pictures of the kitchen all done and I am thrilled with the outcome.  We used a brown grout which was darker than the tile itself.  

Almost two years later I love my kitchen. Every penny we spent and every inconvenience we went through to get it done was worth it.  Family and friends always gather in my kitchen and special memories are made here. I will finish with a few pictures of the fun times we have had gathering here since the renovation.  I pray God continues to bless us with many more happy memories here. 

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